Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Well, I thought I had escaped the Holiday Sicknesses this years. Wrong. Every Christmas, without fail, I seem to always get sick. The whole time I was in Israel I didn't get sick once. The day we flew home, my nose got stuffy and runny ( could some one please explain to me how that happens all at once) and I figured my luck had run out. But with the help of Airborne and a Tylonol PM from this really cute boy I know... eh um, Nathan... my stuffy/ runny nose went away and I slept like a rock on the 14 hour flight. Christmas came and went without a sniffle or a cough. Just when I thought I had gotten away, I some how got Strep! Isn't that supposed to be something only little kids get? I guess I am kind of a little kid. I sure feel like one being at home.

There is something about coming home that makes me feel like a small kid again. I let my mom pamper me. It is much easier to act tough when you are away at school and don't have a mom to take care of you, but because I was at home, I let my mom get me diet cokes and cook me Top Ramen. Right now I am sitting in my dads office doing random things on the computer, just so I can be near him. Isn't that something we do as kids? Follow our dads around and pretend to be doing something important where ever they are, just so we can be near them? I will probably crawl in bed with them and watch a movie before long. Now that I have been on antibiotics for 24 hours, dad won't be so afraid to be around me. I guess there is no denying where I get my germ phobia from. A week in Egypt helped me to let go of some of that. That reminds me, I want to start a world wide initiative for deoderant. Why has the whole world not caught onto the wonders of smelling good? Or at least just not smelling. Maybe this is the missing piece to world peace. What do you think?