Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pretzels or Peanuts?

This year I was SO excited to Halloween. For the past 10 or so years I am usually either A. Out of the country or leaving the next day to fly out of the country (hey, I am NOT complaining) B. At home with no real college scene to make Halloween fun or C. Too lazy. This year I stole an amazing costume idea from my co-worker Aubrey. My flight crew and I had a blast at the parties we went to. Ashlee and I really handed out "airline treats" and people either loved it or were wierded out. I also am posting some pictures of some of our friends. Happy Halloween!

"Enjoy your flight!"

Phil and Ashlee

Ronnie and me

"Treat for your flight?"

Kelee and Harold- How can you not just LOVE these two?

Trent and Katie

Mike and Adam

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noche de Espanol

Well friends, it looks like my 3 years combined of middle school and high school Spanish got me no where. I joined a little group of coworkers last night for a dinner where Spanish was the language of choice. Some coworkers put it together to help those of us that want some practice, experience, and an opportunity to practice with friends who can help and give us more experience using and hearing Spanish. I took Ronnie (a post about him to come soon...let's just say he is my newest accessory) with me so he could use his Spanish and meet a few of my work friends.
Much to every ones relief, I was mostly silent and just trying to soak in the Spanish goodness. I tried out a few words and phrases Ronnie helped me practice on the way over...They didn't get me far and I have forgotten all of them except for "Estamos Saliendo" (We are dating) Haha!
The food was delicious and I had fun making myself a little uncomfortable trying something new. I was surprised at how good Ronnies Spanish was for only being in Mexico 6 months. I think that I will continue to go out of my comfort zone and maybe make this something to scratch off "try/learn something that scares me" from my list. I have also been contemplating Scuba... What do you think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Utah Drivers,

Really, you do not deserve a post, but somehow I keep coming back to you every few months. Maybe it is because I drive so much for work,but there is no way that I could coincidentally see some of the most absurd driving manuevers EACH AND EVERY DAY! To reaffirm my suspisions, when I turned on the news tonight, four stories in a row were about people dying/being hit by drivers. Really? Why do you Utah drivers suck SO BAD? I understand that the roads here are like gauntlets of construction that never end. I too wonder why Utah can 't just choose one road or project to do at a time, but I do not show that frustration by driving like I have a death wish so I would appreciate it if you did not try and drive like you did either.
Much love and distain,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scattered thoughts

I could spend hours on Etsy, just wishing I were artistic enough to become a part of the talented many who contribute to it. Right now I am eyeing this beautiful journal.

I have always wanted a beautiful leather journal to write down beautiful thoughts in, but I am sure that if I got it, it would remain as blank as the day it arrived in the mail.
If you are a Pandora Radio listener, (and you really should be if you aren't) you have really got to listen to the Ray LaMontagne station. It is so soothing. Lately I have been thinking in songs and it is reminding me how much I always have and always will love music. As a little girl I made up dances to Yanni, sang along with Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, and jammed out to the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, and Queen's greatest hits. Notice: NO Spice Girls.
While my brain is jumping around, let's talk about my 25 things list. I HAVE accomplished a couple! I will post about them soon. I want them to be fun posts for you to read so I will make sure I do it right.
Last but not least: I am in love with my life :) I hope you can say the same.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I am sitting here listening to Ray LaMontagne on Pandora and eating a bowl of Chanel's cleaninsing Turkey Chili. It is fall outside , and just to prove it I am burning my Autumn candle. I am obssessing about the day I can pull out my heavier jackets and wear them. I have always had a thing for coats and I found myself trying a bunch on at TJMaxx the other day. I love the structure, fit, and comfort of wrapping a beautiful coat around myself and synching the belt tight before heading outside. My perfect outfit would definitely involve a gorgeous military influences wool coat with a frill or two... wow! I am getting carried away!
I just wanted to pop on here and say Happy Autumn!