Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I have been up to lately

I realize I have been mostly complaining on my blog lately, so I thought I would upload some pictures to prove life is not all bad. The pictures with children in them, are from the weekend Nathan and I babysat my friend Leah's five children for the weekend. I have absolutely fallen in love with their family and am proud to say that the baby has fallen in love with me. We went our for ice cream the other day and he kept crying for me and saying "Ma! Ma!" I loved it(Ignore the wierd looks on out faces. It was windy, okay!) When Nathan was up this weekend we went to a Cajun resturant and has a blast. They had live alligators in a pond and it was located in an old holtel build in the late 1800's. We had so much fun and even ate alligator. Not the best food in the world, but great service.
Oh! Embarrasing story time. So one of my friends from school invited me to a house warming party because she and her husband just bought a home. I was telling Nathan I wanted to go but felt uncomfortable because everyone else would be married and then there would be me. Nathan surprised me and came up earlier than I expected and we went to the open house. Well, my friend forgot to tell me just exactly what it was. Apparently this was a girls only party. So, Nathan and I show up to a house full of girls buying candles and jewelry from some old lady. Can we say AWKWARD! I felt so bad for Nathan, and sorry to say it, even worse for me. Here I am, bringing my boyfirend along to an all girls party, looking like a complete idiot. I guess that is nothing new. Anyway, I got over but I don't think I will ever go to one of that girl's parties again. (Sorry if you are reading this Rebecca. I am just kidding)

Me and Jimmy

Boarding the bus to Hell

Nathan with Jimmy and Joey. Joey LOVES Nathan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kill Me Already

Why me? I am working on finishing up my portfolio that I will be presenting tomorrow and I can tell I am getting sick. My throat is burning, my head is pounding, and I just want to take a bath and go to bed. I am trying to do a good job on this portfolio because in the end it is the deciding factor if i graduate or not. I will go in front of a board and present for 15-20 minutes before going onto the question and answer portion of the review. I then leave the room and they decide whether I am ready to move on with life or not. I could save all of us a lot of time and heart ache if they would just listen to me when I say "I am ready to move on!" I only have a couple of more things to stick in my binder but I still have no clue what I will talk about for 20 minutes. I think I will figure that out when I soak in the tub tonight...yuck...after I scrub it out. I know, I know, cry me a river. I did that last week. A true fried would push me into moving traffic right now. I need just enough injuries to land me in front in a hospital bed in front of a TV for a couple of weeks. I think they would let me pass on oure pity points. So, who wants to prove they are a true friend?...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Spanking never worked for me

I have always known that Dad's nightly spankings at dinner time were part of everyday life in the Webb household when I was little. What I don't remember is why I was getting spanked. There is a lesson in those first two sentences. Obviously, spanking did not have the intended effect Dad thought it should. You know what would have worked miracles? Being told that mom and dad were disappointed in what ever it was that I was doing to deserve a spanking.
You are probably wondering why I am going off on this. Well, at the ripe age of 22, I am discovering the disipline tactic that works best for me. The other day I turned in my last lesson plan for toddler lab after spending many hours putting it together. I got it back today with a grade that I don't even want to talk about. Written in pink at the bottom were the comments "Mikael, come talk to me. I am very disappointed in this last lesson plan. I know you can do better than this." Stab to the heart. I really could do better than what I had turned in. I really thought I had done a great job on it when I turneed it in, but now that I am looking back on it, I am wondering how I left so many things out! Maybe it is becasue every huge project and lesson plan is due on Monday, and I am trying desperately to get everything done before Moab so I can just enjoy it. After going in and talking to my teacher and begging her not to think less of me for my absent mindedness, I went back to the computer lab to get back to work...But as I sat there thinking about how disappointed my teacher was and how mad I was at myself for overlooking such silly things, the tears started to come. I absolutely HATE crying in front of people, especially people I don't know, so I packed my stuff up and cried all the way home.
I know everyone keeps saying I will look back on college and miss it, but as of right now, if I can just survive these next two weeks, I will call it a victory. I try and focus on all the great things that have been happening- the relationship that I have formed with one of my toddler's parents and how we have seen a lot of progress because of that, or the confidence I feel when I teach in Kindergarten, but the fact that I live with five other girls, mother natures gift has decided to drop by for a week long visit, and life after college still seems like a distant dream, are all facts that love to steal happiness.
I know, I know, "It will all be over before you know it! Hang in there!" I am not going to lie, those words aren't very comforting when survivng today is at the bottom of the to do list.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My weekend as a mother of 5

Yes, you read the title right. And guess what, I loved every minute of it. Let me skip back a bit in the story a little bit and then I will tell you about the weekend.
So, it is the very first day of school this semester, and in true Mikael style, I was running late to class. As I rush in, the only seat open is one right up front, right next to the teacher. Not really my first pick in seating, but what was I to do. I sat down at the table, and it may have been the smartest move I made all semester. The three other people sitting at the table have become people I look forward to seeing each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We are quite the group. There is me- unmarried, blown with the wind, and ready to be out of school. Jeannine- recently married, a free spirit, keeps the rest of us in line. Nick- recent convert to the church, once had 10 plus piercings, married with 2 children. and last but certainly not least Leah- single mom of five, could make friends with a rock, secretly I think she is a long lost Webb girl.
We have all become friends this semester and I have loved having class with them. Leah ended up having to fly to Georgia this weekend and asked me if I would watch her kids for her. Of course! She was totally okay with Nathan hanging out with us all weekend and even got a place for him to stay just two doors down from her place. Nathan and I went over Saturday morning and I switched off duties with Jeannine Monday night.
Leah's kids were so good and so much fun, I really think they could have done just fine with out us there. They were so patient when we didn't eat dinner until late Saturday because whoever from Relief Society was supposed to bring dinner forgot... so spaghetti came to the rescue! Leah's oldest daughter is blind, and it was so fun to see the other children help her out and see what sweet people they are becasue of how well they have learned to treat their sister. The youngest is two and I loved toting him around everywhere, and even letting him sleeo with me one night.
I was a little worried Nathan would be overwhelmed, but he did great! The kids ADORED him, and even after he left, they were still talking about him and wishing he was there. In fact, I got a little bit jealous and made a new rule- Mikael is the favorite. I really was impressed with how well he did and how much fun it looked liked he was having.
Now that I am home and back to the bickering roommates, I am missing those little munchkins and looking even more forward to this weekend when I can steal some kisses from the world's cutest kids.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is this weekend really here?

Well the weekend is finally here and I don't know how I feel about it. Nathan and I did not see eachother last weekend, and these two weeks have felt like FOREVER! Rough life...Right? Lucky me, when i go down to visit him this weekend, both of our parents will be in town! I have a hard enough time impressing my own parents, let alone somebody elses. Nathan keeps telling me not to worry. Fat chance. Dads have never really scared me, it is the moms that put fear in my bones. Nathan keeps telling em she won't caare what I look like or how nice I am, it is all about how spiritual I am. Well I might as well start preparing my goodbyes for Nathan. I remeber the first time I figured out I needed some spiritual work. Mom and Dad sat the family down to tell us they had been called on a mission. they then told us that some of us kids could go with them and some couldn't. Right away I knew I was one that wouldn'd becasue I was such a bad kid. Bad kids don't go on missions. Luckily the prophet wouldn't let that happen, so I went, and made a mess of that whole mission experience. Then came the day in 9th grade semenary. Sister King asked her usual question of "So where is your Dad today?" We once agian responded with "Your guess is as good as mine." Then I proceeded to tell her how much I hate General Authorities becasue they steal mt bed. Good thing it was a clear day outside, or lighting surely would have struck. The look of pure horror on everyone's faces as I bad mouthed General Authorities was enough to teach me that maybe they weren't so bad after all.
So, poor Nathan's Mom (I forgot her name again) I apologize now. I don't beleieve I will be able to deliver. I look forward to the day I can prove to your son I can out burp him, as hard as I try to love Relief Society it just ain't happening, and personality is the only ball I have in my court. At least, I hope so.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tech Savy

I don't exactly consider myself to be great with technology, but it is something I enjoy and find very important to be familiar with. Well, today I accomplished something I have been dreading doing for a while. I started up my website to help people get in touch with disability resources in New Mexico. With a lot of help from a free online web publisher, I have my site going. It still has a long way to go, and the site name is incrediably long b/c I am still deciding if I want to fork out the 15 dollars a year to make it more professional. I have already registered the site with google and done some other things to try and make it more available, but the more it is visited, the more noticable it will be. So check it out. Don't judge me. I am slowly but surely getting more resources put on. But I feel pretty proud of what I am doing

P.s. If you want to add a little link to this from your blog, that would be much appreciated. You never know who might check it out