Sunday, January 30, 2011

That Boy

Yes, this boy.
He drives me nuts. In the best way possible.
He likes the same music I do. And if he doesn't he puts up with it. (He even agreed to go see Yanni with me!)
He always knows how to make me laugh. Even when I try and be grumpy and not laugh at his ridiculousness.
He accompanies me on my hair brained adventures. Including the one where we wasted a perfectly good Saturday in pursuit of Catholic relics at an estate sale of a closing convent. Turns out what was advertised as a convent was more of a nursing home...oops!
The purpose of this post almost got away from me! Last night Ronnie planned a surprise date for me. He held to his word and no matter how much I pestered for a clue, he didn't give in. When date time arrived he told me he was running late and asked if I could meet him at his place to save some time. I traveled the hop, skip, and jump between our apartments to find a beautiful surprise indeed! I found Ronnie waiting in his suit with a rose in hand and his kitchen lit up with tea candles. He had worked hard preparing a beautiful dinner for me. He made it all on his own! I could tell he had worked extra hard from the beads of sweat I spied on the corner of brow when I leaned in to give him a hug. I am sure juggling cooking, decorating, and switching his attention between preparing different dishes was a difficult task to maneuver around the kitchen, but he did it for me.
The Menu:
Herbed chicken over sticky rice with a lemon curd sauce
(don't forget the won-tons he fried up to crunch on top of the chicken)
Homemade cream cheese stuffed won-tons
Yummy salad with poppy seed dressing
and last but not least
Dr. Pepper

We shared a beautiful dinner with our favorite tunes in the background, just me and him. So what's the occasion? I couldn't figure it out but he reminded me. Our 4 month anniversary from our first date! Has it already/only been 4 months!

Jealous? You should be. But back off ladies (and the occasional gay man I have to fight off as well).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No longer a Gemini

I am sure you have heard the buzz. Our zodiac signs have changed. This came as very sad news to me as I just accomplished number 9 on my "25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25" list.
9. Have my palm read
I am pretty sure my zodiac probably had something important to do with my palm reading, so now that it has changed, I probably need to go have it read again. That, along with the fact that my reading was quite disappointing. It was in China Town in San Francisco over New Years ( don't worry, this will receive its own post with pictures). We saw a palm reader and on a whim, my boys and me stopped in for a VERY quick palm reading.

Do you want to hear what she has to tell me? Let's see what I can remember:
I love to serve people and spend most of my time serving, but receive very little in return- Ok lady, that was pretty good. Yeah, I work in a helping profession, but I feel like I receive SO much more than I give
I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and have never struggled to have the things I wanted- Was it my Guess coat or Ugg boots that gave that away?
I have a long life line and much love in my life- I truly hope every person in this world has that same fate
Here is where it gets interesting. I have stepped in a bad way and need to get out of it. It is a very dark way and is causing me a lot of trouble. I am not as happy as I once was and need to meditate to get back to my peace.......
Can being on my period on vacation be considered a "dark way"? I wished it would go away and I was back to "peace".
Don't worry, she offered to burn 90 candle and meditate for me at midnight for 3 months. All for the low cost of 300 dollars!
I passed. Instead, me and the boys pondered on her generous offer over the most delicious Chinese food I've ever had.