Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Guess where I'm going. I'll give you a clue (other than the title of this post). While deciding how to name this place, they pulled letters out of a hat. After each letter was pulled it sounded like this, "C..ay, N..ay, D..ay." CANADA! With this socialized health care stuff, I thought I should go check it out with our friends up in the attic.
Ok, that's not why I'm going there. I am am going to a conference on biomedical treatments for autism. I'll be gone Thursday-Monday. I am excited although I think it is completely RIDICULOUS that Delta charges to check baggage. Isn't that kind of like charging for tap water at a restaurant? Gay.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am finally posting pictures of the place I rest my head at night.

Let's start with the kitchen. The basket-thing on the wall was given so graciously by mom. It not has some fake pomegranites and pine cones in it.

And the living room. Bookshelf/TV stand-IKEA. Drapes- Brittani's, then Talon's, now mine. Couch- the previous tennant left it for me along with the TV. I happen to enjoy both very much

My teeny tiny bathroom. I love my shower curtain (Uraban Outfitters clearance). And peek in the mirror and see if you can spot the picture hanging on the wall. I got that in Egypt and absolutely love look at it each time I have a "moment to sit".

And last but not least, my beautiful bedroom furniture. I can't think of a more perfect graduation present. I LOVE my bed. It is so comfy. The bedding will hopefully change one of these days, but I hate thinking of how dang much it costs!

So there you have it! It ain't much but it's what I got. I love having a place to call my own. If you drive by an LDS church building and notice the "Visitors Welcome" sign missing, come looking for it at my place.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes, I am a month behind on blogging. Everyday I tell myself I will sit down and blog, and everyday I don't sit down and blog. Today is our lucky day. I am going to blog. Before the details fade, I thought I would blog about Valentines day/weekend. Nathan loves to plan spoiling me and holidays are just the occasions to do that. I have never really cared for or against Valentines because I always know a fabulous piece of Native American jewelry is coming my way from Dad. (Which by the way, THANK YOU Dad for my beautiful necklace!) I tried convincing Nathan we should cancel Valentines presents this year but he wouldn't have it. Starting the Friday before Valentines we kicked off the weekend of love by trying out a new restaurant. We love food (me obviously more than him and his bean pole-ness). We tried our luck at a new place in Provo called Communal. JACKPOT! It was to die for! It is a small storefront place on University Ave. and the claim to fame of this place is that they buy most of their food locally. The inside has a rustic/modern feel and the atmosphere is different than any place I have eaten before. Now for the food: If you could take a bite out of the corner of Heaven, it would probably taste like the flap steak, pot roast, mashed potatoes, and mushrooms Nathan and I ordered. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to run back with a ten gallon bucket and ask for ten gallons of mashed potatoes alone! It is a little pricey, but definitely worth every penny.
Now for Saturday. Nathan and I went to Salk Lake just to play. We didn't know what we would do or where we would go, but we just like Salt Lake better than...well...Provo. Let's face it, who doesn't. Right as we pulled into town we spotted an antique warehouse and decided to check it out. Do you hear the chorus of angels? I have always had a thing for antiques and this place was literally stuffed to the brim! And not with the crappy nic-nacky stuff. Purely furniture and books, and old window panes. A few hours after walking in the door, Nathan and I emerge back into the natural light with no purchases. Someday....
On the actual day of Valentines, we cooked dinner together and just relaxed. Below are pictures of the fudge, and book Nathan gave me. my other present is a Jazz game which will be posted when we go.