Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Blog

Alright People, it has finally been done. The NEW BLOG.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why So Serious?

With the last few days of "singleness" ticking away, the

thought of "This is a big deal" keep popping up in my head and sending test fires down my nerves. Before each big decision in my life, I go through this thought pattern. At first, all i can see are the glittery things and all the possibilities for stories. With college, It was thoughts of dance parties, meeting boys, and pulling pranks. Then as it got closer to college I kept thinking of all the what ifs. What if I can't hack it? What if I get an apartment of girly girls and I don't even speak girl? I suddenly see no possibility for fun and seriousness at the same time.
I remember right before I went to BYU Hawaii, I confided in my dad that I was nervous about how far I was going to be away from home. I was worried that I couldn't just hop into my truck and drive home if life became too much. My dad taught me a great lesson that day:
"If you need to Mikael, I will fly you home."
You were probably hoping for something a little more profound than that....
but that's when I realized I could always count on my family to help me out even, when I didn't know how to help myself. (I know pretty simple solution, but my thoughts were getting in my own way, a common occurance).
My other Mother, Kathy Kempton was always a great example to me of always having fun in the seriousness of it all. She would wake Emma and me up in the morning with a flying squirl dive ontop of us. She somehow would always turn giggles into talk about our hopes, dreams, and the gospel, and then back into giggles.
I am excited to start my new adventure with Ronnie and that we have the support of both of our families to help us along the way.
Stay tuned for some Serious Fun, because life shouldn't be anything less!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Love to see the Temple...

...I'm going there someday (as in tomorrow). To feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and get away...

Not the exact words of the primary song, but what I am thinking at the moment. I have quickly gained a testimony of how important the temple is, simply from the opposition I am feeling in my life right now. I swear to you, the moment I got that temple recommend in my hands, the ground beneath my feet has crumbled with each step I take to even get to the temple doors.
Isn't it funny? Usually if one bad event after another was happening, a sane person would think, "Wow, I'll take a hint, I shouldn't be doing this." For a very good reason, I am thinking the opposite.
Doesn't it seem like right before something great is supposed to happen, there are lots of hiccups, bumps, and even dynamite blasts in the road? Well, I have been driving through a mine field and am ready to get myself to the "no fire zone" of the temple.
There have been times in my life when I haven't been making a wrong choice, but I also wasn't about to make THE right choice and so life just sailed along smoothly. If there was ever any question as to if I am doing the right thing, all I have to think about is all the trouble Satan is stirring up, realize why, and move forward.
So here is to hopefully having a good pair of all terrain tires to help me along the bumpy, road I am calling The Right Way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thirty days = One Month = time until I get married. Hip Hip Hooray! It is coming quick (but still not quick enough for me). As it gets closer I am suddenly much more motivated to do wedding stuff. I think it is the procrastinator in me. Does much better under pressure. And I am just excited to be getting so close to "I Do" day.
I feel like I have so much to talk to you about but am afraid my thoughts aren't going to make it all into this post.
Speaking of thoughts....and feelings....and emotions....and hormones: Mine have been adjusting. I thought I felt insane before, but birth control has proven me wrong. For some reason I want to cry all day long on Sundays. I become ultra paranoid/jumpy at night. Some of that I can blame on living alone, but it has gotten worse since I started popping pills. And then there is the anger. I apologize if you have been apart of my angry days.
New subject. The new blog. I have chosen a name. Thank you Brittani and Steph for your suggestions. Stay tuned for the new blog's grand opening. And no, I am not going to tell you the name just quite yet. And just to make it a little more interesting, I will force Ronnie to do a post every once in a while. He is a natural with words. And humor. And making things interesting. And if he were typing this, he would have to add muscles. (he just said "it is kind of true I guess")
I recently started my own eBay account. Oh boy. I now see why Ronnie is such an avid eBay-er. I have been obsessing over vintage swimsuits. Yes, actual swimsuits form the 40's, 50's, and 60's. They are oh so cute and oh so perfect for the honeymoon in Hawaii!
My girls at work recently spoiled me with a little get away to Park City for a day and a night out in the country. Dream come true? Yes. It was SO nice to have a little get away. They are so sweet (and some of the only girl friends I have here in Utah).
You know who is my best friend though? R himself. We like to go on dates together and do fun things. We recently went to a car show. It was a blast! We got a little crisp in the sun and I found my dream truck. A '59 Chevy Apache. It is beautiful. Ronnie said I am allowed to buy one someday. I will.
You know what else I will do in June 4th? Go through the temple for the first time. I just found out that it takes about 3 hours your first time. Please tell me they serve snacks somewhere in that 3 hour span. Is there like a Relief Society portion with home baked goods? Will they let me take a tour of the kitchen half way through? All of this unknown is kind of killing me. I am a control freak when it comes to change, so I am sure God is having a good laugh at this one. Oh, and don't worry. The temple I was looking forward to going though because I have had siblings get married there, and it is beautiful (Mt. Timpanogos)is closed until June 7th! Is it bad that I don't want to go to the Provo temple because it is hideous? *que lightening bolt*
Well there is my ramble of thoughts. Let the count down continue!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thoughts on L

I never thought of myself as a girl who likes to get flowers.  I always said I would rather have some chocolate or sour patch watermelons over flowers. I was wrong.
R: "You used to not like flowers much did you?"
M: "Not until you came along. Now I love getting them."
R: "I guess it's not the flowers, but who brings them."

Wise man, that Ronnie. And he is right. He could bring me roses spray painted turquoise and I'd love them (ok, he did. And I did love them, after I giggled for a minute).

Speaking of spray painting...I have been busy sprucing up old picture frames I bought at estate sales and painting a plain old white cabinet sea foam green/blue with the help of my brothers sander and my sister in law's great taste in paint. I want mine and Ronnies first place to be US. That mean antique-ifying and unique-ifying. It is coming along nicely. The only thing missing is Ronnie (to be added in June) and visitors. Please come!

Now about Love. The Beatles were right. It is all you need. I never realized how different my future would look once I nabbed me some Love. I was perfectly happy with the future I had in mind PreRonnie. Now I am realizing how many more possibilities I have. Like, I don't know, having kids! (Don't take that as a baby hunger pains. I will be taking my little pill faithfully for quite some time). But, really, I am having fun thinking forward.

Now for your input. I have been racking my brain for a new blog title once the plunge has happened. All I have come up with hmmm...ready?

The Squire and I

I need more ideas! I will be scoring all ideas on a very complex grading system so I cant exactly explain it, even to myself. But titles using "cane" or references to Ronnies overall sauveness get double points.

The Gimp and his Pimp would get rhyming points, but demerits for overall tackiness. Get the idea? Can't wait to hear them!  

Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of my good friends moved to Alabama and I have loved looking at her blog and keeping up on that Southern State I used to call home. Her little apartment was recently hit by a tornado and she and her husband miraculously survived. Rachael has one of the funnest, most free spirited personalities, which instantly drew me to her when we were in Jerusalem together. Watch this clip of her on CNN. She is amazing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Give Away!

Go check out my friend Aubrey's craft blog. There is a special Earth Day give away. She carries these little cuties around the office, and believe me, they are cute!