Monday, September 28, 2009

Miss Webb

I love being called Miss Webb. I love seeing students get excited... or embarassed, depends on the students, when I yell out thier name and wave at them in the hall. Sometimes I will even make a face. I love hearing from parents that thier son or daughter talks about me at home and how much they love coming to my class. Especially when that particular student asks when they get to go back to their other class the whole time they are with me. I struggled with loving resource at first but now that I am completely immersed in it I love it! The progress is slow, but it is worked for. Now I am right in the middle of my last week teaching in resource before switching to 3rd grade and wondering where the time went! I am not ready to leave my munchkins that test my patience each and every day. Right as I am getting a hang of things I have to let go and move on. WIsh me luck as I get ready for a whole new baptism by fire...3rd grade.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I've tried to be careful now that I am at school everyday with sick children to make sure I sanitize my hands often, wipe the tables down after school, and take vitamins everyday, but I still got sick. Towards the end of last week I started feeling like I was getting allergies, but soon realized it was much more than that. I tried pretending all week at school, that even though I sounded awful and needed kleenex by my side, that I felt just fine. My teaching probably didn't hide it well. When this weekend finally came I was excited to get some real sleep and quit pretending I wasn't sick. I started feeling better so I got up and going and didn't really take it too easy. Now it is Sunday and I am wishing I had taken it a little easier yesterday. The cold that just won't go away made sure I knew it is still here, so I am filling the day with naps and soup so that my last week teaching Special Ed. is a good one and I can give it all I've got. Besides, I don't want to be remembered as Miss Webb, the teacher with a gross booger nose.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I just wrote an amazing post about how excited I am for Johnathon to get home from his mission next week and it didn't save or post. Let me sum it up for you...I'm pretty dang excited. Here are some pictures of me and my bud not too long before he left.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Teaching = sexy

It is true. Teaching has made me sexier. How you ask? No, it is not the added rolls on my body. Bigger is better though right? It is not my sweet name tag. It is really sweet though. Magnetic. White. It says Ms. Webb...Student Teacher in really big letters.
My voice is what has gotten sexier. I come home everyday with a little rasp in my voice. Sexy, right? Talking all day long should not be anything new for me but man my voice is tired by the end of the day. Today I caught myself yelling. I quickly turned my volume down when I realized what I was doing. No wonder the students looked scared. Ok, they didn't. They all secretly think I am the best in the world. There just isn't any evidence of those little thoughts yet. Someday, someday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Small Victory

I know this is totally stupid and childish but I totally cheated the system and love it. I sent off my last utilities check to provo a few weeks ago and realized after I slipped it into the little slot that I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope. I have been waiting for it to come back so I can slap a stamp on it and move on with life. I checked my bank account and apparently the letter made it to Provo because the check was cashed! I know, I know, I owe the USPS 40-some-odd cents to be a completely honest christian, but I am sure I will place too many stamps on a package someday and repay them. I guess I can quit checking my mail.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why I am dating Nathan Paskett again

The boy is persistant. I would have given up on my a LONG time ago. In fact, it hasn't taken many in the past too long to give up either. ie:
Isaac W.- came to visit me at work one day, left mid sentence and I found out he was engaged one month later
Donald W.- I think it is safe to say my family scared him away. Good thing to. He later told me he wanted a woman who would be quiet and listen to him and be waiting for him when he got home. I told him to get a dog.
Josh J.- The day he kissed me we decided to take things slow and see how it went. Then next day he came over to tell me he already had a girlfriend. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to have two
Don't think I am sharing these stories to get pitty, because I think they are pretty funny myself. And with experiences like those, I thought breaking ujp with a boy, trying to ignore him, continually tell him what a good friend he was, and the countless other thing I did that I never even had to try to get a boy to run from me before, didn't work. So we have stayed friends and conitued to hang out, and he would ask me out on dates, and keep telling me when I was ready he would be ready to start dating again. I guess I am ready. We have been having a lot of fun together lately and he has been there to help me out countless times, even when he could have easily said, your not mine to worry about any more. So it looks like persistance has paid off in his favor, although, he may regret it soon.... ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


(ok, let me explain the photo. It has nothing to do with my post but I thought it was funny. I was looking for an image of blessing on google and this on came up. It was an ad for blankets. Doesn't the person under the blanket look dead? Maybe it was a blessing for the woman. Who knows)
Yes. Blessings with a question mark. Let me explain.
I have tried a variety of ways to make myself feel better when I am stressed. Icecream, french fries, calling someone I love, working out, music...the list goes on. While those do help, (especially ice cream) I feel like most of the time it is just a cover up. I still am stressed, I just am stressed with a fat belly, a good conversation, or some sweet tunes (obviously I have tried the working out one the least). Well, these past couple of weeks have been stressful in ways I haven't minded but am getting worn down. Student teaching is hard to find where your place is, especially when it is left to figure out at the last minute. Figuring out how to juggle that with work has been fun. Getting used to new roommates. The pile of laundry that just doesn't seem to do itself in the one hour I am home a day. You know, the stresses of life.
Get to the point Mikael.
What I have found to be helpful with all this crap is thinking about my blessing. So to keep me positive, comment on my blog every once in a while and say "But what about your blessings Mikael?" And I will write a list. Here is the list that has been piling up in my brain
I get to drive home from work right at sunset. The sunset looks amazing when the whole sky is purple and gold and all you can see of the mountains are dark shadows jutting up into the sky.
Driving with my window down. I do this mostly for gas saving purposes but it has become something I love.
Walking around looking like a hillbilly and not caring one bit. I have on some nasty shorts I bought at Walmart because I forgot my swimsuit when we went to Washington, a much-to-short bathingsiut top from the beginning of high school, and a white tank top that is pretending to hide my gut hanging out. I love that I really don't care what people think about how I look. I am happy with me and that makes me so much better (at least in my opinion)
Sticking my feet in the pool. I love water
Celebrating one year since I left for Jerusalme with 60 out of the 80 of us that went and 2 of 4 professors who were there from the US. That party deserves a post all it's own.
Finding beauty in ugly things..only because I know it will make the best white elephant gift this christmas...that's right, I just bought mine and it cost a whopping 30 cents. Get ready Webb family
Well, now I am going to change out of this rediculous outfit becasue I don't want everyone wanting my bod when I go walk down to Artic circle to get some ice cream...just in case thinking about my blessings doesn't work