Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love this

My friend's little sister showed this to me and we watched it a few times it is so funny. I guess this is a prison/rehabilitation center in the Cebu. Enjoy!


Yes, yes, I have officially become a woman. I changed the bag in the vacuum for my first time. Not a pleasant chore, but not as hard as it looks. I told my roommate who moved out I would vacuum her room for her and vacuuming her room got me vacuuming EVERYTHING! (for any family members reading this, yes, this is still Mikael) While my room may never be the cleanest place on earth, I have learned a few things about my cleaning habits that may come as a surprise to some. Dirty counters drive me nuts! I feel like I scrub the sink everytime I walk past it. I can't take clutter. There are only two of us living here right now but another roommate that just moved home left all of her stuff here and I am not kidding when I say there is no room for those of us who live here to put any of our stuff anywhere. The girl who is now home has so much stuff. I started piling it all in her room because it is driving me nuts.
Okay, I am done proving that maybe someday I will have a clean home of my own.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I switched my background because I am choosing to be happy. I think it if fair to say that my move to Utah hasn't been all that I had hoped and dreamed it to be. My job sucks...royally. I am 100% positive all Utah drivers have a death wish. Switch lanes as many times as possible going from point A to point B, and make sure you get as close to hitting as many cars as possible while at it. Utah drivers deserve a post of their own. I have fewer friends now than any other point in my life. I take that back. Alabama take the cake on that one. One more thing, gas prices make me want to vomit. Regardless of what sucks, I am now choosing to be happy. Sure gas will be $3 soon. But at least it isn't almost 5 like last year. Each morning I wake up to a beautiful photo of Jerusalem. Man I miss that place. I might only have a few friends, but they are good friends. Sarah Lacey. How can you not love that girl. Mitch and Matt have taken me in and made me a part of their Pleasant Grove possey. And even though Nathan and I are not dating, he is the first boy I have dated that I am able to keep as a friend after we broke up. I got my oil changes, tires rotated and balanced, and for some reason it makes me so happy. I went out to lunch with my cousin Shawn because he goes into the MTC tomorrow. I love that we have become good friends and not just cousins. (p.s. I totally used Dad's gas card to go see him. Kosher right?) Last but not least, my balnket is still holding up. It is getting a little shabby, but it is still together. Yep, I am happy. And I will be even more happy when my family comes up for the 4th and my nephew Declan come not too much longer after that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I miss my old roommates

Since moving to Utah I keep asking myself "Why can't I be more girly?" I can't say I have tried to hard but the question keeps coming up. As I was laying here trying to take a quick nap before my graveyard shift tonight, I realized that I probably keep thinking that because I am living with girls unlike any girls I have ever lived with before. I like them and get along with them easily, but I wouldn't really consider them friends. Here are a few dofferences between the old and the new:

New: To try and bond with them I painted their nails (which they loved)
Old: To bond I would moon them. A clear sign they are my friend

New: I have seen them eat a total of 5 times since moving in
Old: Late night trips to Horkleys (gas station) for Dr. Pepper and individual bags of chips were anything but uncommon

New: They own cookbooks
Old: "Hey! I'm cooking up some easy mac. Anyone else wast some?"

New: I believe my thumb could fit in the waist of their pants
Old: Oh, uh, I hope you don't mind but I have worn your clothes for a week straight now

New: Every boy they know they met in class or a study group
Old: We would leave eachother's numbers in strange boys pockets

New: They take ballroom and ballet
Old: Pussycat dolls and a chair. Clothing optional. (totally kidding! ok, not really)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chain Gang

Have I said how much my job sucks lately? I went and got tested for swine flu and I don't have it. I had to fight a little bit to get my work to pay for it but they are going to reimburse me and pay me for time I didn't get to work becasue I might have had the flu.
I just talked to my boss and she jsut gave me my hours for the rest of the week. You ready for this?
Tuesday: 5-6pm training
10 pm. -5 am. Salem

Wednesday:10am-4pm Lehi
6-9 pm First Aid Training

Thursday: 10am-4pm Lehi
6-9pm CRP training
10pm-5am Salem

Friday:10am-4pm Lehi

Saturday: 9am-5pm Orem

This is going to suck. I am going to be gross and tired, but I will have money in my pocket and no life to spend it. This is actually a blessing

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My very terrible, not good at all, rotten day

Yesterday sucked. I am only blogging about it so I can laugh about it someday.
Yesterday was my birthday. I got a call from my supervisor the day before saying that an emergency came up with one of the families I have worked with and they would be needing me all day the next day. I could use the hours so I didn't mind taking them. So at 7 am I went down to Salem to work with this mystery of a girl. What happened ia she no longer feels the need to sleep and hasn't slept in about a week. She is very self abusive so she needs constant supervision. Her parents hadn't slept in a week either and were beginning to break down. They were forced to leave to go get sleep and people were working around the clock with her trying to get her to a point where she was managable again. Her doctor has been working with them to try and sedate her but all the medications are having an opposite effect- making her more violent. She truly is a medical mystery. My role for the day was to talk to the doctor periodically throughout the 10 1/2 hours I was there to monitor her progress with the new batch of meds. The girl refuses to sit, watch tv, or do much of anything but stand in one spot in the kitchen and have you stand right next to her. So that is what I did, stand, for 10 hours. After I got off at 5 I was supposed to go to another house and work from 6-9. Nathan and I were going to grab some dinner in that hour I had free. The girl taking over for me in Salem was 1/2 an hour late so I had to go straight from Salem to Orem. At this next house, the girl I work with is 15 and has autism. She has something we in the Special Ed. field call learned helplessness. Her mom had helped her learn how to be completely dependent and helpless. I was trying to be cheery even though I was tired from my previous 10 1/2 hours of work. I took her on a walk and then we came back to the house to do some chores and watch a movie. In that time she managed to poop her pants. I got her cleaned up and in the mean time I got a call from the parents of the litle boy I have been working all week with. They called to tell me he just tested positive for SWINE FLU. Yes, I just spent most of the week with him. I called mom to tell her and figure out what the heck I should do. Well, in those few minutes, the girl I was working with just so happened to have another poop bomb go off in her pants. So it was back to the bathroom and into the shower for her. By this point in the day I was hitting my limit. I cried several times (probably the reason the girl kept having accidents) and thinking to myself "How the heck am I going to work if I might have swine flu? and This is the worst birthday ever!" The mom came home late so when I finally got off for the day it was almost 9:30. I cried the whole way home except when I listened to Sarah Lacey's and Chanel's massages on my phone. But then I started to cry again because Chanel was the only sibling who called. Any other day and I could have cared less, but I was an emotional wreck and seemed to be looking for reasons to cry. I was supposed to hang out with some friends after work and celebrate my birthday, but apparently they didn't care much because they never responded when I texted them and told them I wouldn't be hanging out. I also called Shawn on my way home because I could no longer go to his farewell now that I might be a spreader of the swine flu. I was really looking forward to going and seeing the family and listening to Shawns talk. I got home and Nathan was there waiting with a cake and presents. This sent me into another cycle of tears. My roommates doing a double date had to have been wondering what the heck was going on. Especially since I didn't tell them it was my birthday. They all sang to me and we ate my coldstone cake. I probably would have died if it weren't for Nathan making sure I celebrated a little bit.
So, now I am here, kind of laughing about what a baby I was and how terrible yesterday really was. I am waiting for my boss to call me and tell how I can get my work to pay for me to go get tested for the swine flu. I feel healthy but with my luck, I probably have it. It is probably a good thing I didn't make those shirts with my "friends" that say "I survived the swine flu".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I love technology

I heart my new iPod. I am currently sitting in primary childrens hospital giving the parents of the little boy I work with a break. He fell asleep so I pulled out my trusty iPod. I am able to cruise the Internet, play games and even blog from my iPod. Thanks mom and dad. This little thing is way better than the old one that got stolen. So I guess thank you to the byui iPod theif as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All My Single Ladies

All my single ladies raise your hands up! (my hand is up) Yep, Nathan and I broke up. Don't worry, all is well. We decided we were ruining our friedship by continuing to date. Our personalities are so different that it was getting harder and harder to see it working...forever. So we decided to stop dating but are still good friends. First time I've ever accomplished that! I really might have been put on this earth to show the male population just how difficult dating can be so that the next person they date seems 100 times better. JK.
One more thing. I think I have an expiration date labeled on me somewhere and all those wierdos who would hate to let a girl go past her prime see it. There are some strange people in this town.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

True Confession

I am coming out with it. I absolutely adore my Dad. I am so glad that I got to see him and mom this weekend. They spoiled me and got me an iPod for my birthday, even though technically it is next week (and don't any of you forget it either! JK) This morning we were just hanging arounf Talon's house and Dad was getting restless, so he offered to take me to the mall to get a shield on my iPod. So Nathan and I loaded up with him and went. I know dad has been under a tremendous amount of stress lately, but he is taking it like a champ and you would never even know. Becasue he has had so much stress in his life, I can't help but laugh even harder when he acts silly. He didn't act very silly starting about...oh... the time we moved to Alabama, but he sure has found his funny side again lately. We were headed for the escalators at the mall when he said, "You stay on that one and I am going to try and run up this one and see if I can beat you." And off he went, running UP the DOWN escalator. I was cracking up as he almost biffed it two times and beat me to the top. Even if he does know how to get me fired up faster than anyone else I know, he also makes me laugh pretty hard too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just need to Blog

For any of you bloggers out there, you know that feeling you get when you just need to blog? You are going through your daily routine and you think "I need to blog about that." Well I have had that thought a million times the past few days but can't seem to make all the random thoughts I've had flow into one good entry. So, I deceided I would do one crazy nonsense one because that is what my thoughts have been like.
Thought #1
Boys drive me nuts. Not any boy in particular. I just have been noticiing how wierd they are lately. No wonder there are so many Gay people. (Just Kidding)
Thought #2
Quit asking me about GM. I have no idea what is going on! If there is one thing to know about me, when I am scared or nervous about something, I avoid it.
Thought #3
Living with several only children has given me a testimony (can I call it that) of NEVER only having one child. I understand that sometimes one is all a couple can get. I have no problem with that. But make the child babysit or feed a dog, or SOMETHING! The thought of never having to care for someone else is completely forgien and sickening to me. I could go on about this for hours, but I will stop.
Thought/experience #4
I changed my first big person bum diaper the other day. Little bums are much cuter. Boy parts are wierd.
Thought #5
I miss Autism. I have been working with a variety of children with spaecial needs at work, and I don't care what anyone says, Autism is easier. I miss my little Ethan.
Thought #6
Are all these thoughts negative?

You know what is my most important thought lately? I LOVE Chanel! Today was her birthday and I couldn't help but remeber how she would write the kindest things about everyone else on her blog when it was their birthday. I don't even know if I could write how much I love and miss Nelly. People are always amazed to hear how close I am to my older siblings, even though Chanel left for college when I was six. I really think that the closeness of all of us siblings can be credited to Chanel and her love for us. I know she wasn't too excited when mom announces she was pregnant with me, but Chanel obviously got over it because some of my first memories are of Chanel taking me to her friends baseball games and having me walk the crown to the homecoming queen at the football game. Chanel should seroiusly write a book on parenting because she is one of the best moms in history and has set a high bar for the rest of us to reach. Not only would the book be amazing, but emtertaining too. I miss my sleepovers with Chanel when Rod would be on business trips. We would sit in the kitchen and laugh about absolutely nothing. We would then move to her bed where we would watch hours of CSI and Law and Order. I still can't watch an episode of either without thinking of Chanel.
I had to end my post on a happy note and I don't know of a happier one than Chanel. Happy Birthday Nelly!