Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a couple of my Best Friends

Sometimes I wonder why I loved growing up in Farmington so much, but I always come to the same conclusion...good people. I have been so lucky to have the great friends I have and absolutely love that we are all still close. Here are a couiple of pictures from lunch last week. Sarah, Emma, and I can't help but laugh non stop when we are together. When we all got together at Christmas I am pretty sure everyone around us wanted to kill us. I literally lost my voice becasue I was laughing so hard.
Side note: The papa johns guy is starting to look old!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mikael Needs...

So, I just went and did one of the many- end of the semester home visits I have to do for my toddler class. The little boy I went to visit is so cute and his mom gave me her blog so I could keep tabs on him. I was jsut looking at it and on one of her posts she typed in her name and then needs into google and then wrote down the responses she got on google. I was curious what would happen if I did it and here is what I got (I weeded through them a bit. My name isn't really that common and most of them are talking about boys)

Mikael needs your help finding alblums
Mikael needs no persistant coaxing to open a bottle of wine for dinner
Mikael needs to go through fundamental changes
Mikael needs attention
Mikael needs more lessons in dressing the baby!
Mikael need somewhere to live!!! (this one is true)
Mikael: Needs to be modified a bit
Mikael needs to play
mikael needs to learn how to play solos with his nostrils
Mikael needs to teach him more about finger picking
Mikael needs to be playing in the Champions League or in the Uefa Cup on a regular basis and he can't do that at Birmingham
Mikael needs to hurry his ass up a little bit (remember, there are copy and pasted, not my words)
Mikael needs the truck
Mikael, needs to be praised

Take that last one to heart