Thursday, September 30, 2010

On The Job Training

This is a clip from one of my favorite talks of all time. I hope it helps get you geared up for General Conference :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A little prayer

Sometimes all it takes is a little prayer to put things back into perspective. I was feeling a little down and sorry for myself tonight and just wanted to get in bed and sleep it off. I reached for my scriptures to read a few verses hoping a diving verse or two might have been added saying something to the effect of, "Mikael you can't see it right now, but life is about to be the best its ever been. Just wait a little longer."
Well I couldn't find that verse so I flipped to my Patriarchal Blessing. Within the first few lines I read, "Your Heavenly Father loves you very much for you are His daughter."
Cue the tears. Well why was I looking in the scriptures for a special verse anyway! I scrunched in a ball and started saying my prayers so I could ask for just a little more help during this tough time...
... Well I tried to ask for help. But as I was about to ask for it, the thought popped into my head, "Right at this moment, someone else is probably praying for a way to find food tomorrow." Well what am I moping about!
So I said a little prayer for everyone else going through a much tougher time than me and thanking the Lord for all of the things that I love about my life:
Little cheeks to kiss
Sisters who call to check up on me
10 blankets stacked on my bed to keep me tight and warm
...and the list goes on and on. So no more moping for me. At least for tonight.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's finally done

I finally finished my list. Some are still up for changing and revision throughout the year. I plan on documenting each event with some photos...we'll see about #1... You ready?
25 things before I turn twenty five
1. Go a whole week without wearing a bra
2. Take my vitamins everyday for 3 months
3. Do something that scares me
4. Be Healthy
5. Visit a new state
6. Write 25 poems (this one will most likely be changes since I have never really written poetry)
7. Be a better penny pincher
8. Make a new friend
9. Have my palm read
10. Visit my Grandma and Grandpas graves
11. Watch Gone With the Wind
12. Call into a radio station and win something...or at least try
13. Participate and/or create a treasure hunt
14. Empower someone with new knowledge
15. Grow Something
16. Bake a beautiful cake
17. Throw a party-just because- and hand deliver invitations
18. Be in the audience of a TV show
19. Find something I believe in and volunteer
20. Give someone a complete and wonderful surprise
21. Take a gamble
22. Get started on creating my autism website
23. Be painfully honest for a day
24. Visit the spot of a childhood memory
25. Learn how to drive stick

What do you think?