Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The day of Love

Oh glorious day. This valentines day was great.  It was my first with Ronnie.  I set a 10 dollar limit this year so se would have to get creative. I decorated Ronnies room and made a banner I made, hearts with messages, and streamers (thank you JD for helping me). We exchanged gifts before we went to dinner at Macaroni grill. I made Ronnie a book out of a deck of cards with 52 things I love about him. He also got a big bag of swedish fish-  his favorite and a little something I had from Egypt. Ronnie gave me flowers and a beautiful and thoughtful gift he worked very hard on.
My roommate Ashlee is taking a letterpress class so she helped him take a page and drawing from our favorite book and turned it into a letterpress to display. Ronnie etched it and set the type himself and they spent many long hours figuring it out. I just loved how close Ashlee and him got and how much fun they had together.
I loved my gift and will keep it forever.  We then had a blast together at dinner. My dad gave me a beautiful silver bracelet. He always pull through on that.
I hope your day was as fabulous as mine!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Free Rainbow Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone Creative Commons

As I drove home from work today, I let my thoughts wander from place to place as I took the usual streets back to my apartment. I got done with work a little earlier than usual, so as I drove past the school just up the street from my place, I got to see all the elementary children just getting out of school. Just that quick drive past the school reminded my why I love children and childhood so much.
I saw one little girl with her backpack twisted every which way around her body but except on her back, singing a tune to herself and dancing along as she waited on the corner for her mom.
A little bunch of kids jumped at the chance to high-five the police officer working as a crossing guard as they crossed the street to the mini-van awaiting their arrival.
As I approached the four-way stop just before my turn, a scraggly, little blonde head in the car in front of me turned around and gave me a big toothless grin as she waved at me.
I hope I never have to venture far from childhood.