Friday, May 6, 2011

Thoughts on L

I never thought of myself as a girl who likes to get flowers.  I always said I would rather have some chocolate or sour patch watermelons over flowers. I was wrong.
R: "You used to not like flowers much did you?"
M: "Not until you came along. Now I love getting them."
R: "I guess it's not the flowers, but who brings them."

Wise man, that Ronnie. And he is right. He could bring me roses spray painted turquoise and I'd love them (ok, he did. And I did love them, after I giggled for a minute).

Speaking of spray painting...I have been busy sprucing up old picture frames I bought at estate sales and painting a plain old white cabinet sea foam green/blue with the help of my brothers sander and my sister in law's great taste in paint. I want mine and Ronnies first place to be US. That mean antique-ifying and unique-ifying. It is coming along nicely. The only thing missing is Ronnie (to be added in June) and visitors. Please come!

Now about Love. The Beatles were right. It is all you need. I never realized how different my future would look once I nabbed me some Love. I was perfectly happy with the future I had in mind PreRonnie. Now I am realizing how many more possibilities I have. Like, I don't know, having kids! (Don't take that as a baby hunger pains. I will be taking my little pill faithfully for quite some time). But, really, I am having fun thinking forward.

Now for your input. I have been racking my brain for a new blog title once the plunge has happened. All I have come up with hmmm...ready?

The Squire and I

I need more ideas! I will be scoring all ideas on a very complex grading system so I cant exactly explain it, even to myself. But titles using "cane" or references to Ronnies overall sauveness get double points.

The Gimp and his Pimp would get rhyming points, but demerits for overall tackiness. Get the idea? Can't wait to hear them!  


  1. Oh man, the Gimp and His Pimp had me DYING! HAHAHA!

    So happy you "nabbed you some love" and found your one guy. We always knew it would be someone amazing. :) There's nothing quite like knowing you are complete as a pair. It only gets better from here, too!

  2. So I do love the gimp and his pimp ;) and love the squire and I, so I am going to play off of that and Say A Squire and his lady (I looked it up that is what they all the wife of a squire.)

    I will try and think of more and try for more variety.

  3. We think Boots and Heels. Or Boots, Wheels, and Heels. That was Andrew's idea. So excited for the wedding!!!!

  4. loving the ideas so far! Keep 'em comin