Friday, June 3, 2011

I Love to see the Temple...

...I'm going there someday (as in tomorrow). To feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and get away...

Not the exact words of the primary song, but what I am thinking at the moment. I have quickly gained a testimony of how important the temple is, simply from the opposition I am feeling in my life right now. I swear to you, the moment I got that temple recommend in my hands, the ground beneath my feet has crumbled with each step I take to even get to the temple doors.
Isn't it funny? Usually if one bad event after another was happening, a sane person would think, "Wow, I'll take a hint, I shouldn't be doing this." For a very good reason, I am thinking the opposite.
Doesn't it seem like right before something great is supposed to happen, there are lots of hiccups, bumps, and even dynamite blasts in the road? Well, I have been driving through a mine field and am ready to get myself to the "no fire zone" of the temple.
There have been times in my life when I haven't been making a wrong choice, but I also wasn't about to make THE right choice and so life just sailed along smoothly. If there was ever any question as to if I am doing the right thing, all I have to think about is all the trouble Satan is stirring up, realize why, and move forward.
So here is to hopefully having a good pair of all terrain tires to help me along the bumpy, road I am calling The Right Way.


  1. Mikael... I hope your day was wonderful today in the Temple! It is so true that the adversary works 100 times harder when you are doing the right thing! So keep strong! And Congrats on the wedding again! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. I love you! I totally went to the temple last week after reading this and put yalls names on the roll. I'm so proud of you! The temple was the one sure thing that changed my whole perspective on life. It has grounded all of my desisions and has made me the woman/wife I am today. Loves!

    Btw this is Rebecca, I've tried to post on here several times and it won't let me! :(