Monday, June 20, 2011

Why So Serious?

With the last few days of "singleness" ticking away, the

thought of "This is a big deal" keep popping up in my head and sending test fires down my nerves. Before each big decision in my life, I go through this thought pattern. At first, all i can see are the glittery things and all the possibilities for stories. With college, It was thoughts of dance parties, meeting boys, and pulling pranks. Then as it got closer to college I kept thinking of all the what ifs. What if I can't hack it? What if I get an apartment of girly girls and I don't even speak girl? I suddenly see no possibility for fun and seriousness at the same time.
I remember right before I went to BYU Hawaii, I confided in my dad that I was nervous about how far I was going to be away from home. I was worried that I couldn't just hop into my truck and drive home if life became too much. My dad taught me a great lesson that day:
"If you need to Mikael, I will fly you home."
You were probably hoping for something a little more profound than that....
but that's when I realized I could always count on my family to help me out even, when I didn't know how to help myself. (I know pretty simple solution, but my thoughts were getting in my own way, a common occurance).
My other Mother, Kathy Kempton was always a great example to me of always having fun in the seriousness of it all. She would wake Emma and me up in the morning with a flying squirl dive ontop of us. She somehow would always turn giggles into talk about our hopes, dreams, and the gospel, and then back into giggles.
I am excited to start my new adventure with Ronnie and that we have the support of both of our families to help us along the way.
Stay tuned for some Serious Fun, because life shouldn't be anything less!

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